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  • The Applicant project team must consist of the Producer, Writer and Director of the project.

  • Each project team member must be a citizen of and be currently residing in an English-speaking Caribbean country.

  • One project team member must be a Jamaican citizen or JAFTA General member who is 18 years or older and who resides in Jamaica at the time of the application. ​

  • Jamaican member of a selected project team must be eligible for JAFTA General Member status and, if not already a JAFTA General member, following selection, must become one in order for the project and project team to move forward in the initiative.

  • Applicant project team must participate in the developmental impact component of the initiative by, during and/or after the initiative participate in such talks or sessions as determined by JAFTA to share what they have learned and the progress of their project.

  • NB. The aim of the initiative is also to provide access and training to an applicant team who would not have already benefited from similar training, development and/or access through some other initiative or opportunity; and that will be taken into account.




  • Project Synopsis and one sentence stating estimated project budget (1 page maximum)

  • Project Treatment (1 page minimum and up to 10 pages maximum)

  • Screenwriter’s Statement (1 page maximum);

  • Producer's Statement (1 page maximum)

  • Director's Vision Statement (1 page maximum)

  • Project team’s bio (1 page maximum for each team member)

  • Photo for each project team member

  • Font - Courier - 12 point

  • The above mandatory application materials must be submitted as a single PDF document


  • Materials informing about the audio-visual approach: still pictures, video mood board, etc.

  • A link (with password) to one previous short film or audio-visual work (30 minutes maximum)

Proof of citizenship and age for each project team member and, if applicable, optional materials to be submitted as separate files in the same email.

Email application and eligibility materials to



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