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  Caribbean Project Pitch Initiative

The Jamaica Film and Television Association (JAFTA) in association with the
International Emerging Film Talent Association (IEFTA) presents the Caribbean Project Pitch Initiative (CaribPitch).

The Caribbean as a region has immense potential for collaborations of talent and on projects, and even greater with similar collaborations and/or assistance of from experienced counterparts in other regions throughout the world. Jamaica has a developing film sector and other English-speaking Caribbean countries have burgeoning films sectors at varying stages of development.

The CaribPitch initiative would facilitate the collaboration of Caribbean creatives to advance a film, episodic and other similar audio-visual projects, and present selected Caribbean projects to international producers and financiers. CaribPitch would also be one of the launching pad initiatives to hopefully lead to the strengthening of regional partnerships, trade, infrastructures and policies within the regional audio-visual sector and advance the development of Jamaican and other Caribbean film sectors.

10 Caribbean projects will be selected for their above-the-line teams to undergo mentorship sessions and later to pitch their projects to potential international producers, financiers and/or distributors.  



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