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The Feature Film Lab programme is a British Council initiative in association with the Jamaica Film and Television Association (JAFTA) and JAMPRO and consists of three separate cohorts. The Feature Film Lab was preceded by a 2017 script development workshop which was expanded into the Feature Film Lab that was launched in 2018. The programme consists of three separate cohorts with Cohort 1 (2018/2019) completed, Cohort 2 (2019/2021) underway and Cohort 3 (2021/2022) (November 15, 2021 to be a part of Cohort 3.)

The Feature Film Lab is a feature-film developmental programme that is focused on training and/or equipping local emerging screenwriters, story editors and producers with core skillsets for the script development process to ultimately produce a feature-film script that can be pitched and presented for further development. 

The goal is to have approximately four to five commercially viable feature-film scripts and to have approximately five (5) scriptwriters, five (5) producers and five (5) story editors that have learned and/or improved the skillsets of their respective roles - during the script-development, developmental, pitching and marketing process. 

At the end of the programme participants can gain and apply the skills necessary to enhance their roles in the filmmaking arena and that of their peer community and the wider industry; and be able to practically and positively apply their skills both locally and internationally.



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