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  • Selected teams must comply with such such rules and/or guidelines as the organizers shall set or update from time to time.

  • Selected project teams will be required to provide mentorship to selected youth, whether on set or otherwise, and to participate in such public and/or community sessions as the organizers shall require from time to time. 

  • All projects should be produced in documentary or docu-drama style, with compelling human interest content featuring first person experiences, balanced with creative license for filmmakers.

  • Projects should be filmed in Jamaica.

  • We encourage the inclusion of concepts that focus on either the female survivor experience or the male perspective on the issue of violence against women and girls (either as perpetrator or supporter of female survivor).


Submission period is between October 7-13, 2023 and submissions must be made after applicants have completed virtual sensitization session. 11:59pm Jamaica time is the deadline time for the final submission day.

Submission materials to be emailed to



  • The Applicant project team must consist of Producer, Director and Screenwriter.

  • Each project team must be composed of Jamaican citizens who are 18-years or older, at the time of application.

  • Board members of JAFTA and its respective organizing committees, as well as staff members of UNICEF, are ineligible.



  • Treatment for short docu-drama film (1-2 pages maximum)

  • Treatment must address a theme of gender-based family violence. This refers to physical, social, economic and emotional abuse and acts of aggression within relationships that are considered as family connections or akin to family connections. This includes married couples or intimate partners and violence between parents and children. The most prevalent form of gender-based family violence is violence against women and girls.

  • Director's Vision Statement - must include proposed visual style and approach (1-2 pages maximum)

  • Screenwriter's Statement (1-page maximum)

  • Producer's Statement (1 page maximum)

  • Bio for project team (maximum of 1 page for each project team member)

  • Proof of Jamaican citizenship and age for each applicant team member

  • Font - courier - 12 point

We are looking for fresh and interesting perspectives and ways to present these important issues, which can have positive and meaningful impact so don't be afraid to get creative!

All mandatory application materials MUST be submitted as A SINGLE PDF document and submitted by the Producer of the project.

All interested project team applicants must attend the mandatory sensitization session on gender-based family violence on Saturday, October 7, 2023. If you DID NOT attend the LIVE session, then you must register to watch the recorded session and complete the e-quiz. Email to receive links to recording and e-quiz.


• Materials informing about the audio-visual approach: eg. mood board 

• A link (with password) to one previous short film or audio-visual work (30 minutes maximum)




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