JAFTA Episodics is another off-shoot of the Jamaica Film and Television Association's ongoing developmental initiatives, this time focusing on episodic content. JAFTA Episodics launches in April 2020 with the JAFTA/Porter Screenwriting Fellowship. 


JAFTA has collaborated with L.A.-based and Jamaican Screenwriter/Producer Aisha Porter-Christie (Orphan Black, Shadowhunters, Ransom) to develop a screenwriting developmental initiative focused on scripted Jamaican content for television pilots or web-series with international appeal.


The JAFTA/PSF initiative would be administered and executed by JAFTA with funding, mentorship and collaborative support from Ms. Porter-Christie. A grant of US$2000 (approx. J$250,000.00) would be awarded to a maximum of two selected screenwriters (US$1,000.00 each). Ms. Porter-Christie along with Producer/Screenwriter Jeremy Boxen (Orphan Black, Killjoys, Imposters) will be the mentors. At the end of the mentorship period and, on completion of a polished script, there will also be an opportunity for the projects to be pitched to L.A.-based Manager and Producer, Scott Stoops from Good Fear Content.


In the theme of ‘paying-it-forward’, on completion of their fellowship, selected awardees would be required to participate in at least one public-sharing session, one mentorship session and at least one-community outreach initiative to apply what they have learned and to pass on any knowledge or skill-sets to others in the Jamaican screenwriting and/or creative community.